Our TPAUV Series UV (Ultraviolet) Resistant Polyamide Corrugated Conduits ,

In today's industrial and commercial sectors, the use of pipes in cabling is widespread. However, in some applications, pipes are exposed to the effects of sunlight or UV (ultraviolet) radiation. This is where UV-resistant spiral pipes come into play.

What Are UV (Ultraviolet) Resistant Corrugated Conduits?

UV-resistant spiral pipes are made with a special material that ensures the pipe's long life and durability against various external factors. UV-resistant spiral pipes protect the substances carried inside the pipe from exposure to sunlight or UV radiation, preventing issues such as color changes on the pipe surface or cracking.


  1. Solar Energy Systems (SES): In solar energy systems, conduits are used to capture sunlight. UV-resistant conduit pipes can enhance system efficiency and durability.
  2. Chemical Industry: Pipes are used in the chemical industry to transport various chemicals. UV-resistant pipes are durable against a range of chemical substances, ensuring safety.
  3. Agriculture and Irrigation Systems: UV-resistant conduits are commonly used in irrigation systems and greenhouse structures. These applications expose pipes to sunlight, making UV resistance crucial.
  4. Pool and Spa Industry: Pipes used in pool and spa systems are constantly exposed to water and sunlight. UV-resistant spiral pipes offer a long-lasting and reliable option in such environments.

Advantages and Features

  • UV Resistance: UV-resistant materials prevent the degradation of the pipes when exposed to sunlight.
  • Chemical Resistance: These pipes are resistant to various chemical substances.
  • Longevity: UV-resistant spiral pipes have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance.
  • Easy Installation: The spiral design allows for easy installation and transport.

In conclusion, UV-resistant spiral pipes are an ideal solution for many industrial and commercial applications that require resistance to sunlight or UV radiation. Their durability, longevity, and reliability make them a preferred choice. Our TPAUV series products are part of our product range and have been used in many important projects. We have successfully conducted tests according to ISO 4892-2 standards, exceeding 500 hours of aging time.

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